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Cypress Series
Signature Series
Falcon Series
Sirius Series
Maximus Series

Water Walker offers a broad range of propeller combinations, assembled from the blades and hubs shown below. Each blade shape was created for a specific range of the Horsepower @ RPM spectrum. Any of our blades can be used with any of our hubs. The best combination for your boat depends on your engine and other equipment. Recommendations are based on your needs, beginning with:

  • 1) Horsepower at RPM

  • 2) Reduction ratio and direction (Belt LHR / Gear RHR), if any

  • 3) Cage restraints, if any

Contact us to discuss which combination is right for your boat.
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Blade Styles


2 Port Short 2 Port Medium 2 Port Long 3 Port Medium 3 Port Long 4 Port

Cypress (LHR Only)

66" 68" 70" 68" 70" 70"
Signature (LHR Only)
70" 72" 74" 72" 74" 74"
Falcon (LHR/RHR)
76" 78" 80" 78" 80" 80"

Sirius (LHR Only)

78" 80" 82" 80" 82" 82"
Maximus (RHR Only)
78" 80"  82" 80" 82" 82"

Price List

4 Cylinder Aircraft Engines (150 to 200 HP @ 2900 RPM)

Signature Series Propellers
                    6 Cylinder Aircraft Engines (200 to 350 HP @ 2800 RPM)


 Falcon Series Propellers
                   Automotive Engines Running Reduction (Typically 2:1)
                   Available in both Left Hand Rotation and Right Hand Rotation
                   (shown above in Right Hand Rotation)
Sirius Series Propellers
                    Automotive Engines Running 2.3:1 Belt Drives (Left Hand Rotation ONLY)
Maximus Series Propellers
                    Automotive Engines Running 2.38:1 Gear Drives (Right Hand Rotation ONLY)

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We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards. Credit card charges are not processed until shipment. Otherwise, we can ship COD Secured, which means either a money order or some form of bank check, i.e. Cashier's Check, Certified Check, etc. Should you choose COD, we will contact you upon shipment with a COD amount and tracking number. We ship via Federal Express Ground, unless expedited shipment is requested. 
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