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Maximus Series
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Maximus Series Blade

Optimized for  2200 RPM (to reduce noise). 14" wide at heel, 9" wide at tip, and 2" longer than Falcon Series. 2Blade 82 fits ZZ 502/502 w/ 2.38:1 gearbox. 3Blade and 4Blade models available for monster boats (up to 1,000 HP). Slow turning, tug-boat, maximum-push applications. AVAILABLE IN RIGHT HAND ROTATION ONLY

Key Benefits

  • 350 to 500 HP @ 2100 RPM
  • Typically used w/ 2.3:1 BELT DRIVES
  • Allows Automotive Engines to develop typical 5,000 RPM for peak HP
  • 14" wide blade designed to turn slower, to reduce noise






2Blade Maximus 78" RHR 2BMax78R $2215.00
2Blade Maximus 80" RHR 2BMax80R $2240.00
2Blade Maximus 82" RHR 2BMax82R $2265.00
3Blade Maximus 80" RHR 3BMax80R $3265.00
3Blade Maximus 82" RHR 3BMax82R $3485.00
4Blade Maximus 82" RHR 4BMax82R $4305.00
Single Maximus Series Blade RHR Blade-Max39R $745.00
Reconditioned R/C 15% Off


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